Our mission is to provide comprehensive cannabis testing to facilities across the State of Arizona to meet the growing demands of the cannabis industry.


Athena Laboratories is creating a state-of-the-art cannabis testing facility to offer companies and consumers the most accurate data regarding cannabis products in the State of Arizona.  At Athena, we are committed to the five core principles of efficiency, quality, safety, affordability, and satisfaction.  Athena uses the highest quality testing material and technologies in order to provide reliable and safe testing results.

Cannabis Testing Market is Growing

Cannabis is a botanical product in which interest has grown exponentially throughout the last decade. Cannabis users have become more mainstream. Therefore, the health and safety of cannabis consumers is of the utmost importance. It is anticipated that Cannabis sales in Arizona will top $1.5bln in three years.

Limited Competition

In Arizona, there are a handful full-service testing facilities servicing over 150 cannabis retail stores. There are not enough standard testing facilities to meet the growing demand of cannabis growers and sellers.